Process and Technology


The extraction of Carnauba Wax has almost two centuries of existence. However, only in the last twenty years can we see true revolutions in their extraction process. This was only possible thanks to the technological advances and the increasing demand of the market by high standards of quality. In Rodolfo G. Moraes, these standards are expressed from the extraction of the wax to the commercialization of the final product.

Carnauba can be found in several regions of the globe. But only in the dry and humid climate of northeastern Brazil the leaves of this palm begin to produce the wax. As the foliage is reborn in the next harvest, its extraction process does not harm the environment, guaranteeing the regular development of Carnaúba next season.

The manufacturing process of the Carnauba Wax is simple. The leaves of this palm are cut and exposed to the sun for drying. Once dried, they undergo a process of whipping, releasing a fine powder that goes from white to grayish brown and then stored in a bag. The Carnauba Wax that is extracted from this powder is submitted to autoclaves extractors at high temperatures. After cooking the wax, the process of eliminating the impurities of the product begins. Thereafter, the wax passes through the filtration, bleaching and packaging process, and is now ready to be marketed.

The wax extraction cycle is complete. In this process nothing is lost, everything is reused. Even the leaves from which the wax was extracted will be used as a potent fertilizer or as a raw material for local crafts.

The constant search for high levels of quality has been the philosophy of Rodolfo G. Moraes for more than 56 years. This permanent search for self-improvement, always focused on the needs and expectations of customers and employees is one of the reasons why Rodolfo G. Moraes is one of the largest exporters of Carnauba Wax in Brazil.

Innovative strategies based on quality and productivity criteria are the brand of Rodolfo G. Moraes. Having capacity to produce more than 250 tons of wax a month, Rodolfo G. Moraes exports his product to Japan, the United States and Europe. All this gives to the wax a personality whose quality is recognized by all its direct and indirect customers. The existence of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment adapted to the requirements of the market, combined with qualified and motivated human resources, guarantee the success of the company on all fronts.